So, yesterday my so called boyfriend and I met again after one week of no speeking, texting or calling. And just to mention it was ME who wrote him and told him that I wanted to see him!

As he arrived at my place we shortly kissed and than walked to a bench nearby to talk. First, we talked about normal stuff like work, sports, our NEW CAR
But then I couldn't take the tension anymore, I had to know if his feelings have changed. But unfortunately, they haven't. Just like I expected. I didn't even cry at first because I was filled with anger and disappointment. The first thing that popped up in my head was that I WANT TO LEAVE, leave from him. So I said I wanted to go back and as we arrived at my house I walked straight to it, no turning back to him. But he asked if he could say goodbye to me. I turned and waited. He took me in his arms and said "I'm sorry."
Right after he left I sat at out veranda and let the tears run down my face.

All in all, his behavior of the last two weeks showed me that I and our relationship wasn't important to him any more, he didn't care about me any more. I was the one who wanted to fight, who DID fight for it. But he just gave up on us.


23.8.13 21:58


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